Dear parent,


Greetings from the Mother’s Mount family!

We hope that you and your family are keeping safe and healthy. Things seem to be looking better, however, we request you to continue to exercise caution at all times.


We hope that the children enjoyed  learning about “Sports”.  It was very encouraging to see the children participate so enthusiastically in the Virtual Annual Sports Day.  


The theme for the week of February 22nd-26th is “Currency”. We will be telling children about what is currency, what is it used for and the importance of saving money.  We will help children learn about the theme through activities, rhymes, montessori, art & craft and worksheets


There will be a very special art and craft session related to currency on the Fun Tuesday in the coming week. Children will be making a Piggy Bank. Please be prepared with the material. 


We are continuously striving towards making learning a fun-filled experience for our children.

Do write to us at with your valuable thoughts and suggestions on how we could further improve the virtual sessions.

Kindly continue to:

Attend the video-chat sessions along with your child or on behalf of your child.
Restrict the screen time to 60 mins for the day.
Practice all the activities with your child regularly for reinforcement.
Share the child’s work with us on a regular basis.
Stay connected with your child’s school.

Please find below the links to download the curriculum and planner for the upcoming week, i.e.    22nd February -26th February 2021.

Pre Nursery

12:00 pm to 12:45 pm

Thank you for your support and cooperation in making this effort successful. We look forward to working together in building a stronger base for the children.

Warm regards,
Team Mothers’ Mount.