Dear parent,


Greetings from the Mother’s Mount family!

We hope that you and your family are keeping good health and staying safe during the pandemic.

We have successfully completed week 3 of September. It is very encouraging to see the children learn and participate in different activities with confidence and enthusiasm. Please continue to share the videos and pictures of your child with us. This will increase his/her level of confidence.


The grandparents’ day was celebrated on the 19th of September to acknowledge and appreciate the major role being played by the grandparents in the lives of their grandchild(ren). We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm shown by the grandparents and grandchildren at the occasion. Thank you for your support in making it possible. 


Your suggestions and words of encouragement always inspire us to put in our best. Please continue to share your feedback on

The children have learnt about land, water and air transport in the 1st three weeks of September. Please keep reinforcing the concepts at home for complete understanding. The theme for the 4th week of September is “Auto-space”. We will help children learn about the means of transport that could take us to space, through different activities, rhymes and worksheets.


Kindly continue to:

Attend the video-chat sessions along with your child or on behalf of your child.
Restrict the screen time to 60 mins for the day.
Practice all the activities with your child regularly for reinforcement.
Share the child’s work with us on a regular basis.
Stay connected with your child’s school.

Please find below the links to download the curriculum and planner for the upcoming week, i.e.    21 September 2020 to 25 September 2020.


11:00 am to 11:45 am

Thank you for your support and cooperation in making this effort successful. We look forward to working together in building a stronger base for the children.

Warm regards,
Team Mothers’ Mount.