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Gurpreet Kaur
Gurpreet Kaur

Managing Director

Ms. Gitanjali Dutta
Ms. Gitanjali Dutta

HR Director

Rimsi Kaur
Rimsi Kaur


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About Us

"Your Child Is In Great Hands"

18 years back, we saw a dream. A dream to create a school where leaders are born. A school where the children of today are encouraged to discover their true calling and realize their true potential. And above all, be what they want to be. To turn this into reality MMGS team has gone way beyond being a school.

Mothers' Mount School is one of India's leading institutions which is spearheading the educational revolution in India. We are a group of co-educational pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools in Delhi since 2002.

We stand at the frontier of innovative education, relentlessly building a brand of quality and excellence in India.

Mothers' Mount inspires our students to dream big and carve their signature on the planet by being global citizens. We understand the changing needs of education in the 21st century and take the challenge of giving students varied learning experiences and opportunities to make them competent and moral individuals. Education at Mothers' Mount is a three-way process among the students, parents and the school. Learning initiated at school, connected through the home and implemented by family in the real world.

We were the 1st school in India to participate in the Google expedition program. We also got Awarded as "The Most Promising Play School" in Delhi in 2016 & Received Bharat Excellence Award in May 2017.

Besides academic excellence, we also encourage co-scholastic activities.

We believe in celebrating diversity by fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance for all children regardless of family structure and cultural background by means of innovative and structured programs to drive education.


It is my pleasure and privilege to serve as the Founder/Chairman of Mothers’ Mount School, not only because it’s my passion but also because I enjoy the company of my dearly loved students along with the talented and zealous teachers who keep the school environment energised all the time. 

Early years are the most formative years of all children. They are like wet clay and need to be molded in the perfect manner. These children should get a loving, caring, and safe environment so that they are able to absorb all the different aspects they are exposed to.

Mothers’ Mount is not just one more school in the already long list of educational institutions in this city, but it is one school that has made a great difference in its qualitative journey of over 18 years in the field of education. Our children represent our hopes and dreams. 

As a parent, you certainly want the best for your child and we are indeed happy to be working with you to ensure that they are given the right knowledge to face future challenges. We are constantly aiming towards providing the best teachers, latest learning methodology, and state of the art facilities and infrastructure to our students. The feedback of the parents and staff is extremely important to us and we strive towards ensuring that this is acted upon.


Mothers' Mount Global School is a progressive preschool with seamless class routines that are designed to keep the individual learning goals of each child in mind. No child is hurried through an activity, be it playing, colouring, eating, or settling into school. Our age-appropriate curriculum focuses on the all-round development of the child, encompassing the following areas:

Cerebral development: critical thinking, in-depth understanding, inquiry, creativity, recollection, and application


Social development: positive personal relationships, effective communication, trust and belief in the goodness of others, desire to help, and a sense of identity

Emotional development: self-belief and confidence, self-control, self-motivation, creative interests, and passion for lifelong learning.

Physical development: healthy practices (diet and exercise), personal care and hygiene, fine and gross motor development

Spiritual development: feeling at one with nature, the universe, and the self.

Children learn to be one with nature as they share their environment with birds and butterflies. An experience that is conducive to growth and all-around development of the child, nurturing all aspects of the personality - physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual.

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